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Block By Block

When a child's dream comes true This is the incredible story of Gilles Maheux, a former architectural designer who decides to create his own artistic project:

« Ludovica Miniland ».

In 2007, while Gilles Maheux worked for 20 years in the world of construction. He realized that he did not see his 12 year old son grow up.  One day, he told him that he wanted to build buildings with him. An idea then germs; to make a gigantic model with his son. Gilles Maheux will complete his project and will never return to work in construction. Now, his son, Steven, works with him. 


This is how Ludovica Miniland was born in 2010! An artistic company of models specialized in the construction of architectural buildings.

Musée Grévin
Mega World US

The most spectacular in the world!

After several major presentations, the exhibition was named one of the most spectacular in the world by the books "Believe it or not! And "Big Book of the Incredible! Published by the Ripley Museums, and also in the 15 most beautiful museums to see in Quebec !. The mission of Gilles Maheux for LUDOVICA "The miniature world" is to learn while having fun in this magical environment.


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